Chess Restaurant
Budapest, 2014. September 02. Tuesday

Restaurant Menu

The seasonally renewable Menu of Chess Restaurant contains dishes of Italian and French bistro cuisine along with the traditional Hungarian ones. Take a look at our Special Offers also!

Cold Starters

Balsamic Mixed Salad 1300 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek tejérzékenyeknek vegetáriánusoknak
Chef's spinach salad, passion fruit marinated frutti di mare, baby spinach, mozzarella, Sotiris olives, grissini 2600 Ft    
Chess salad strawberry vinegar, Turkish hazel, crudo ham, Parmesan, cocktail tomato 2500 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek
Duck liver tart, black garlic, asparagus, mustard oil, lamb's lettuce 2800 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek tejérzékenyeknek
Swordfish carpaccio, lime-lemon-bergamot oil, bruschettini, parmesan, rucola 2800 Ft    
Risotto sweet fennel, almonds, pecorino cheese, green asparagus texture 2100 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek vegetáriánusoknak


Sugar pod pea cream soup, mint-gorgonzola chips, marinated tomatoes 1100 Ft    vegetáriánusoknak
Goulash soup with homemade pinched noodles csésze 1200 Ft tányér 1600 Ft    
Rhubarb tomato soup, basil oil 1100 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek vegetáriánusoknak

Main Dishes

Beef tenderloin steak and grilled ewe cheese, sweet potato mash with flap mushrooms rucola with poppy seed oil 5300Ft    
Cherry wood smoked tenderloin stripes, saffron tagliatelle, dried sour cherry, Cheddar, bok-choy 3800Ft    tejérzékenyeknek
Chicken breast fillet in tandori marinade, filled with goat cheese, grilled vegetables with basil and pearl onions roasted pepper mousse 3200 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek
Aged sirloin with lemon pepper, beer vinegar jus, “lángos” with sour cream and chives 5100Ft    
Grilled leg of lamb steak aged in vadouvan masala, green olive feta cream, orange polenta 4100 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek
Duck drumstick confit with green pistacchios, Savoy cabbage risotto in white wine grilled beetroot 3900 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek
Goose liver ragout with fresh “lecsó”, sautéed potatoes with ewe cheese zucchini chips 4900 Ft    fűszeres, csípős
Paella with shrimps and chorizo salami with grilled Manchego cheese 3000 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek fűszeres, csípős
Rib-eye steak bacon-mustard mashed potatoes crunchy fried onions colombo curry hollandaise sauce 5300 Ft    
Pork medallion, cashew nut celery purée, herbs and white truffle butter, coated potatoes 3600 Ft    
Sage veal filled ravioli, spicy tomato sauce, marinated mozzarella 3000 Ft    fűszeres, csípős


Chocolate soufflé, biscuit yogurt ice-cream mango daiquiri 1600 Ft    
Fresh fruit selection 1200Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek tejérzékenyeknek
Coconut bulgur pudding with cocoa beans, raspberry jelly, panna cotta mousse 1300 Ft    
Oat-flakes apple pie vanilla poppy seed mousse 1300 Ft    


Italian cheese selection, olives, celery salsa, grilled pepper 3000 Ft    vegetáriánusoknak

Fish - Prawn - Frutti di Mare

Steamed mussels, lime, cilantro, chili, white wine 2700 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek fűszeres, csípős
Grilled sea bass mascarpone herb aubergine sautéed potatoes with tomato jam 3900    
King crab wrap - grilled St. Jacobs scallops, jalapeño, Cheddar sauce celery - cucumber salsa 2900 Ft    fűszeres, csípős
Salmon, steak cornflakes - celery salt crust, gnocchi sautéed with Sichuan pepper, pineapple chutney 3900 Ft    
Monkfish fillet fried in coconut panko, grapefruit butter, parsley oil, Turkish hazel, Romaine lettuce 3800 Ft    
Butter baked St. Peter's fish fillet, spinach salad with dried tomatoes and basmati rice rose pepper - cilantro butter 3900 Ft    lisztérzékenyeknek


4-cheese tramezzini (Parmesan, Emmentaler, smoked, Camambert, Caesar dressing, lettuce, cucumber, celery, French fries) 2500 Ft    vegetáriánusoknak
Chess double cheese burger (beek patty, Emmentaler, ewe cheese, homemade mustard dressing, ketchup, Romaine lettice, cucumber, French fries) 3200 Ft    
Club sandwich (Caesar dressing, bacon, chicken breast, fried egg, tomato, cucumber, French fries) 2800 Ft    

Please note, that 10% service charge is added to the bill · VAT is included in the price


Chess Resaurant awaits you with more than 50 parking spaces, where you can park your car while eating. In addition: 25% discount.


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