Chess Restaurant
Budapest, 2014. August 28. Thursday

Welcome to Chess Restaurant

The Chess Restaurant opened, it’s Your move now!

 We’ve checked it out for You, where you can spend some pleasant time in the cold winter days, tasting the masterpieces of Italian-French-Hungarian bistro cuisine! 

We reopened the Chess restaurant at the end of summer: new management, new staff and a new concept awaits You in Dob street, Budapest! The latter means that in a quite praiseworthy way, the dishes of the increasingly popular Italian-French bistro cuisine are mixed on the menu with traditional Hungarian ones. To be more understandable from beef goulash and ligurian minestrone through courgette-shrimp risotto, chicken paprikash and butterfish filet to panna cotta and special Hungarian cottage cheese dumplings You’ll find everything You can imagine! The coffee selection is just great, and the wine card is quite comprehensive! The menu is fitted to the time of the year, every week we have new specials, and from spring till fall you can dine on our courtyard terrace aswell!

Our Executive Chef, Levente Kovacs thinks this way about our cuisine:
“The youthful and modern bistro cuisine is my world, it can renew day by day, it combines the gastronomic ‘lifestyle’ of different places in the world, even on one plate, in a way that, I don't use hundreds of spices with each other, but I’m trying to create exciting contrasts. I do a kind of kitchen minimal-design because simple can be great also. It causes difficulties sometimes for me to not to put all my ideas into one dish. I’m trying to use the raw materials as they were given to me by nature itself, changing only as much as I need. And then we get to a point, where simple is not so simple anymore. Ease and great tasting harmony in life, in the kitchen and on the plate.
Simple is hard. Enjoy!”

What else can we say? The Chess Restaurant is an intimate place in black and white, absolutely a place to get together frequently, where You can try new dishes day by day with it’s always renewing kitchen creativity, served simply and clearly.

The Chess Restaurant opened, it’s Your move now!

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Chess Resaurant awaits you with more than 50 parking spaces, where you can park your car while eating. In addition: 25% discount.


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